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Bathroom Tile Trends to watch out for

The interiors of a house are synonymous with tiles that have proven to be head-turners.

With a host of stylish colours, patterns and designs; tiles have been an integral part of our modern living. Tiles have evolved over time and have been influential in transforming the spaces. They have gained enormous popularity owing to their durability, cost-effectiveness, easy maintenance, and style.

Despite the wide range available, it becomes difficult for us to make the right choice and implement the way we think. The challenge is to pick styles that match our sensibilities and use them according to the relevant space.

Bathrooms are one such area in the house that demands attention and expertise. Coordinating the same to match your imagination is what we can help you with. There is truly a bathroom-style tile for everyone in 2021!

The Evergreen Botanicals

Want the natural vibe? We got you covered. Floral tiles are perfect to infuse that blooming look into your bathroom. Patterns that include potted plants, floral prints, or rustic solids can get the much-required style of nature to your interiors. Ceramic or porcelain tiles can be installed anywhere adding the much-required vibrancy that can transform the dull and lifeless walls to timeless beauty. The shower stall can alone be a stunner and draw all the attention by these intricate floral mosaic or marble wall tiles.

Go Geometrical

The best option for a vivacious and unique personality, geometric wall tiles or floor tiles are “oh so perfect”. The search for modern ideas has seen the resurgence of geometric tiles that bring the classy look apt for a contemporary bathroom. Whether you choose staple combinations like black and white or vivacious colours; in each case the outcome is aesthetically pleasing. These tiles come in various patterns like diamond shapes, hexagonal, or the vertical-horizontal placements; right pick is the key depending on the size of the space. We not only want you to explore these geometric designs but also display their diversity.

The Pompous Black and Gold

This unusual combination has gained popularity and momentum owing to its ability to immediately bring sophistication and richness into your bathroom. Golden gouts when teamed up with black tiles can be a spectacular visual. The strategic placement on the walls or the floor can elevate the surroundings and add warmth and sophistication without overdoing it.

The Neutral Palette

The natural tones offer a blank canvas to make your impression with subtle or dramatic designs. Big neutral tiles give a seamless luxurious look and make a statement. Less grout offers easy maintenance, making life easier and stress-free. The glass tiles with the translucent shine that bounces light can bring in the dynamic element, yet keep the natural element in the bathroom. The vanity can be of solid shades paired with a glass shelf that will not take the focus away from the tiled space. Textured stone tiles are another brilliant option that will add dimension and depth to the area. Expect a spiritual treat with these neutral hues.

True Blue

Blue tiles evoke tranquillity and freshness into the space. Its resemblance to the ocean and the sky is a major contribution to make the space look calm and relaxing. The innumerable aquatic hues can create the blue lagoon impact in your bathroom and take the look of the space a notch higher. Swirling or spiralling designs in aqua blue, mix of triangles and squares; there is no dearth of the everlasting impression these tiles can make. Perfect for the water baby, this colour is sure to make you experience the beach and the endless sky.

Moroccan tiles

These tiles are the latest trend from the last few years. Eyeing for a trendy touch? Moroccan tiles are the perfect choice for homes with Mediterranean influence and an obvious choice for contemporary design. These can be used in transitional spaces and work well with the wooden tiles bringing about the right balance of traditional and contemporary. These timeless designer tiles are prime picks for any homemaker looking for longevity. You can use them as wall tiles or floor tiles, these are sure to bring mysterious allure to your space.

Metallic Tiles

Quickly climbing the ladder; this tile trend is already winning hearts for its majestic extravagant look. It has become one of the fastest eye-catchy trends that is taking the tile industry by storm.  Screaming style, metallic tiles are now available in a variety of solid shades that is best for people wanting an extravagant look in the bathroom.

These current trends are a must-watch in 2021 and are already making a huge impact on the tile industry.

We at Naveen Tile provide professional help in making the right choices for your perfect project. Explore the endless options of our tiles to make your space a unique one. You can log onto www.naveentile.com for further assistance and get prompt solutions to all your queries.