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Decorate your Child’s Room with Tiles

Doing up your child’s room is a joyful task. Your imagination will run in all directions thinking of all possibilities that can bring the room alive. Playful yet safe will be one of the most important aspects that will cross your mind. Picking the right choice will be a daunting task with the wide variety available in the market. A planned Décor will not only be creative but also durable and allow the kids to express their potential without limitations.

Let’s explore some options most suited for a child’s room that will bring fun, frolic, and colour into the space.

Lock me Tiles

The kid’s room will invariably be messy and cluttered. Organizing the huge stuff in their room calls for planning of the area. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are a good option for the room because of their resistance to scratches, stains, and dirt. The spills and the stains are easily removed with one wipe, and one does not have to bother with regular cleaning. These tiles can withstand heavy traffic in the play area of the kids where they run and spend most of the time. These antiviral tiles are laid in a specific technique that does not require grouting. This leads to the accumulation of dirt and dust making it safer for your kids. Made of stone and polymer composite, these are stronger than the other tiling options.

Pick the Solids

A classic combination of black and white can never go wrong when it comes to styling and giving a unique character to your kid’s room. The checkered look is a timeless investment that is fun and makes a stunning impact instantly .these can further be mixed with other patterns to add a dramatic look. A rug effect flooring can also be created and accessories can be added to offer pop of colours. Geometric tiles are the most popular way of making your space look quirky yet stylish. Other combos include pinks and greens or lemon and peaches. Use any of the solid shades to add that extra oomph to your child’s room.

The Cartoon Tiles

Kids and cartoon characters go hand in hand. Children need to be constantly distracted and occupied. From a cartoon character to a superhero or a jungle theme, you are spoilt for choices. Fun colourful cartoon art tiles create interesting murals anywhere for the kids. A balanced and cost-effective look can be created by adding simple furniture to keep the tiles as your focal point.

Experiment with Shapes

Bubbling with energy and playfulness, children are a bundle of joy and warmth. Their room ambience must exude the same energy and vibrance. Don’t shy away from using different shapes for the edgy look that will stand out making your space look alive and full of energy. There is no dearth of ceramic or porcelain floor tiles in varied shapes and sizes available in a variety of colours. These have to be carefully selected depending on the area and the distinguished look you desire.

Mix and Match

Pairing patterns and plain tiles are another unique way to amp up the look of the interiors. Statement tiles in smaller sizes can be used to create a feature wall along with plain tiles to avoid an overwhelming look to the room. One of the most important tips in mixing tiles is to create a harmonious look that is aesthetically appealing. These patterns should create a cohesive design that would create visual interest. Quirky patterns paired with matt finish tiles are a perfect way of creating a cohesive design that creates visual interest without competing.

Don’t limit your colour palette while picking tiles for your kid’s room, but pair them appropriately and create a stylish look without going overboard.

Other options include the wooden look floor tiles that are popular with all age groups and do not go redundant once your kids enter their teenage years. Colourful and stylish furniture and accessories are perfect to be used with wooden tiles that will give the room a young feel and at the same time make it bubble with energy.

We at Naveen Tile provide professional help in making the right choices for your perfect project. Explore these current trends with our child-friendly tiles that are sure to make your space a unique one. You can log onto www.naveentile.com for further assistance and get prompt solutions to all your queries.