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Know Your Tile: Digital Vitrified Tiles

You may have several aspirations of building your dream home or workspace. Many people ensure to look for the tiniest details to make sure that the structure receives the greatest materials in every corner.

Let’s dive into what digital Vitrified tiles are and how they can add gravitas to your home. Vitrified tile is a porous ceramic tile.Digital printing methods have the potential to design any pattern to be printed on the tiles surface.

For example, while living room walls used to be painted white or beige, individuals nowadays are letting their imaginations go wild when it comes to colours and designs. If you’re like that and want to give your space a unique style, digital vitrified tiles can strike the sweet spot with their aesthetically attractive appearance and lengthy lifespan. The best part is that they’re also inexpensive. These tiles are not only appropriate for residential buildings, but also for commercial places. Let’s dive deep into what digital tiles are.

Digital Vitrified Tiles

Tiles used to be limited to only a few colours and designs, but that is no longer the case. Thanks to rapid advancements in technology and aesthetics, the modern consumer understands exactly what he or she wants.  We at Naveen Tile offer a variety of tile designs and patterns to suit your variety of tastes and aesthetic preferences.

The digital tile variant has become widely popular during the last few years. These tiles have had a significant impact, particularly in terms of interior design.

Most vitrified tile manufacturers used to use screen printing as their only method of production. They had to first prepare the frame for the design before screen printing each tile. In terms of design quality and manufacturing speed, the technique has several limitations. The entire technique has been replaced by a digital printing machine since the invention of digital tile design technology. Except for the design process, which uses a digital printer instead of a screen-printing mechanism, the manufacturing process stays the same.

For those who want their environment to reflect who they are and what they believe in, digital printing is great. People can decide and be the creative masterminds of their own place through this approach. It enables them to select attractive, intricate, and high-quality designs. These tiles are not only physically appealing, but also quite durable. You can also relax about stains and scratches, as digital floor tiles are stain and scratch resistant.

Why choose Digital Tiles?

1. Infinite Design Layouts

Digital Tiles come in a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures. To avoid confusion when choosing a tile, remember that colours and designs of the wall tiles are influenced by other decor features. For example, use bright coloursto make the room appear larger.

2. Affordability & Durability

Affordability and durability are two advantages of digital tiles. Aside from that, customers can choose from a variety of design options. They are also water resistant and have a low absorption capacity. As a result, despite regular wear and tear, tiles maintain their shape for a longer period of time.

3. Ease of Maintenance

One of the most appealing features of digital tiles is that they are low-maintenance while also looking trendy and having wonderful textures. You can’t feel the textures if you run your hands over them. This implies they’re simple to clean and maintain. It only takes one hand to clean with a moist cloth.Apart from that, they are also fire resistant, fade resistant, long lasting, and cost effective.

4. Unlimited Creativity

Digital printing technology is a game-changer when it comes to tiles. Digital tiles come in a wide range of attractive prints and designs that are sure to aesthetically boost your interiors. From creating focal points and accent walls to utilizing them as a backsplash in bathrooms and kitchens, these can be used anywhere on walls as well. Say goodbye to your houses’ typical tiles and hello to these stunning digital tiles.

5. Any Design is Doable

Imitating the appearance of beautiful marble and natural wood. Digitalwall and floor tiles can easily be made to seem like real marble or wood with this printing technique. Choose from a variety of exquisite marble finishes to get a rich, luxurious impression, or choose natural hardwood finish digital tiles to give your floors and walls a natural look.

At Naveen Tile, we can assist you in picking the best tile choices for your picture-perfect dream home or explore the possibilities for a long-awaited home remodel. You can receive more details and quick answers to your questions by visiting www.naveentile.com.