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Tile Laying Patterns

Tile laying can be an extraordinary way to give a character to the walls or floors of your house. Picking the right tiles is step one, which has to be followed by choosing the pattern in which it should be laid to give that super crisp look. Tiles that come in different colours and designs if strategically placed can elevate the ambience and give a luxurious look.

In the current scenario, the installation of tiles is considered the most economical, durable, and fuss-free way of enhancing or renovating spaces. Residential or commercial tile is an integral part of any construction. However, laying them in various patterns can be the most effective way of bringing a designer twist to your space.

Here we look at different patterns and ways in which tiles can be laid.

The Stacked Look:

Stacked or the straight lay pattern is the easiest to do, where the tiles are laid side to side and give a stacked simple look. This pattern is used for a neutral look, that does not cause distraction from other focal areas in the space. Adding colours to this pattern can be effective in creating a stunning checkboard look.

Bonding the Bricks:

The two ways of bonding tiles are horizontal and vertical. In the horizontal placement, a subway-style can be created with a metropolitan look. The size of the tile is an important ingredient in this look. A rectangular tile, with the width half as much as the length, is most appropriate for this pattern.

The vertical band is perfect for adding height to spaces in the bathroom or the kitchen and emphasizing that portion. Floor tiles or wall tiles in bold colours when placed in this pattern, will add an extra dash of boldness to the area.


Gaining popularity by the day the Herringbone pattern creates a “V” effect that is free-flowing and gives the look of added space. Also known as the broken twill weave, this style can be enhanced by using different shades of the same colour for a jazzed-up look, or a single colour for the traditional sophisticated illustrious look. Rectangular Tiles are placed in a zig-zag style and are best for popping the kitchen backsplashes and floors.


Used popularly in the vintage design style, this six-edged pattern can create a honeycomb effect that catches your eye. This graphic feature when randomly put together in a variety of colours can give a dramatic finish. It can create an instant style statement by highlighting a backdrop and breathes life into a plain wall. Creating a feature wall is so easy with this laying pattern that is not only durable but also aesthetically appealing.

Hopscotch Pattern:

As suggested by the name, this pattern is created by using different sized ceramic tiles that are put together, thus creating an appealing pattern to the walls or the floor. Rectangular tiles can be paired with square tiles creating a design spin wheel effect. Simple tiles can be arranged in a way that produces a different effect. To add interest to your design, one can choose different sizes of ceramic tiles which when put together will give the effect of smaller tiles jumping off the larger ones.

The Basketweave:

A unique pattern that can create an edge and transform a boring look to woo-worthy. The pattern resembling a woven basket can be laid in multiple styles, creating high-impact walls that are easy to install. In a double basketweave, pairs of vertical tiles are framed with pairs of horizontal tiles which gives a modern take to the traditional single weave style.

Play around with these patterns using ceramic tiles, stone tiles, or porcelain tiles for highlighting vintage silhouettes and giving an unexpected edge to the desired area.

We at Naveen Tile provide professional help in making the right choices for your perfect project. Explore these options for a much-awaited construction or makeover of your place. You can log onto www.naveentile.com for further assistance and get prompt solutions to all your queries.