Advantages of Using Spacer or Grout

Advantages of Using Spacer or Grout

What is a Spacer?

Spacers are made of plastic wood or ceramic. These are materials of different sizes placed between tiles at an equal distance for a consistent and clean look. Spacers are an essential ingredient for tile installation. It allows for even flooring while ensuring appropriate grouting. The usage of spacers was ignored earlier but nowadays has gained momentum for its various advantages.

What is grout?

Grout is a mixture of cement, water, and sand. Its usage is mainly in concealing joints and filling voids in between tiles. They increase the strength and keep debris and dirt at bay.

Why are spacers and Grouts essential?

Aesthetically appealing:

A crisp finished appearance is what an appropriately chosen grout can offer. Inefficient grout will deteriorate the look of the space and become an eyesore. Spacers have a similar use as they make the tiles look more uniform and give them a neater look. Wear and tear over the years may demand you for some to do some regrouting, which would create a cleaner and fresh look.

Damage Control:

Heat upon reaching a specific temperature tends to expand the tiles. Therefore, laying them next to each other will cause damage and cracking. These tile spacers and grouts work wonders in these conditions as they create room for such expansions, thereby controlling damage. The size of the grouts and the spacer would depend on the size of the tile and the space that is available for installing it. The larger the tile, the larger spacer shall be. The grouts provide rigidity and strength to the tiles and are very useful in seepage control, backfill, and water plugging. They reduce structural damage as it does not induce vibrations.

Easy Repair:

Repairing tiles is a difficult task that requires expertise and precision. Repair work may sometimes damage the adjoining tiles and jeopardize the appearance if these spacers and grouts are not applied. They give enough space to remove the damaged tile and replace it with a new one saving effort and money.

Concealing Flaws:

The market is full of a variety of floor and wall tiles that are available for consumption. These come in different shapes, designs, textures, and finishes. The price range is also enormous that suits the pockets of millions of users. While fitting the budget, one may land up with a certain amount of adulations in the tiles. These can be concealed and adjusted with the application of spacers and grouts, which will give uniformity to the look of the space.

Overviewing the Project:

A projection of your project in the initial phase makes it simpler to visualize the final product. These spacers and grouts work as versatile equipment to give an outline of the project when dry laid. The layout of the tiles that are being made use of can be understood accordingly. The grouts are available in different colors, and the initial laying of the tiles will give a clear picture of the look of the project.

Saving Time: 

Tiling is a tedious and time-consuming job that requires constant adjustments of tiles for a refined look. These spacers, which come in different shapes, and sizes work like magic for a uniform placement of the floor or wall tiles. Grouts also come in limited varieties and have to be chosen following the tiles. The right choices will eventually speed up the work, and the deliverables will be satisfactory.

These tips will be of extreme help in developing or reconstructing your dream project. You dream of your project, and we have all the solutions to make it the most memorable one.

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How to Maintain your Floor Tile?

How to Maintain your Floor Tile?

How to Maintain your Floor Tile?

Tiles exhibit your style and aesthetics in your dream project, whether it is your house or workplace. Quirky or sophisticated, glossy or matte, somber or colorful, they add a distinct characteristic to the building. They are an integral part of a large population now, owing to their low maintenance and easy to clean property.

The varied ocean of tiles used practically everywhere in the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom, the foyer, the living room, and even the bedroom, among other places, require your caring hand to remain spotless and bright. While most of these tiles are incredibly durable, they need special ways to clean them.

Dirt can accumulate due to daily exposure to human traffic.

Heat and moisture in the kitchen can take away the shine from the kitchen tiles leaving them dull and faded.

If stains are not wept off, they can cause permanent damage by making the tiles look worn out and tired.

Improper grouting accumulates dirt and absorbs spills easily.

Soap or detergent residue leads to discoloring of the bathroom tiles.

Hang in there to find out the techniques to clean these tiles. According to their type, choose the right cleanser:

  • Floor tiles or wall tiles, the cleanser to be used are to be in sync with their type, Ceramic or porcelain tiles can be cleaned deeply using a degreaser and a wet cloth. Brushing or sponging with a mixture of warm water and cleaning agent like caustic soda can get the sparkle back to the tiles. Avoid using abrasive products that can take away the shine and make them look worn out. Natural cleansers are preferred for tiles made of stone as the chemical-based cleaning agents can deter their look by damaging their surface.
  • To prolong the life and quality of your tiles, avoid using acidic cleaners as they can ruin the shine and the surface of the tiles.

Take utmost care of the grouting:

Well grouted floors give the flawless look that we desire. Grouts are porous and easily absorb dirt and moisture. Therefore, cleaning them can be a daunting task. Grouts should be sealed after the tiles are installed, which works as a protective shield keeping the dirt at bay. Brushing them with soft bristle brushes using natural cleansers like baking soda and water can make them look crisp and defined.

Repairing tiles:

Years of wear and tear can distract the gleam of the tiles placed anywhere in the interiors or the exteriors. Accumulation of dirt particles for a long period of time requires attention as this would dull the pristine look of the space. Scratches are a common cause of concern when It comes to repairing floor tiles. This problem can be addressed by buffing it or using scratch repair kits. If there are hairline cracks in tiles, they can be filled with brass or polish. But if the cracks are big, the tiles need to be replaced.

Alternative therapy:

Adding carpets to the floor in small shapes and sizes can bring out the fun factor of the ambiance. Carpets conceal the area and make it less prone to damage .strategic placements of the carpets can work wonders in restoring the look of the tiles. These can be vacuum cleaned regularly to maintain hygiene.

Deep-rooted cleaning:  

Constant care of the tiles is a must for retaining their glory. Deep cleaning done weekly will withstand the test of times and keep the spaces happy and vibrant. Firstly sweep the floor with a soft broom to remove the dirt. Following that, vacuum it to remove the finer dust particles. Wet moping should be followed by drying the areas to keep the moisture away. A solution of vinegar and warm water is a natural cleanser that is not too harsh on the tiles. Stains should be wiped off immediately to not allow the gestation of germs on the surface.

These tips may come in handy and will be of help to you for keeping your spaces happy and clean.

We at Naveen Tile provide professional help in maintaining and cleaning your tiles for that radiant and clean look of your space. Explore these options for giving that crisp look to your project. You can log onto for further assistance and get prompt solutions to all your queries.

Fun Ways to Use Tiles in Your House

Fun Ways to Use Tiles in your House

Fun Ways to Use Tiles in Your House!

Contemporary or traditional, sombre or jazzy, pale or bright tiles have intruded every corner of our house to add the extra dash of our own personality. Our house reflects our mood, lifestyle, and aesthetics. As rightly said, ” Interiors should not be a static work of art. You are meant to interact with them “.

Widely used and relied on, tiles have been instrumental in making dramatic changes in the way our homes look. From creating backsplashes, feature walls, elevations, headboards, there are many areas where tiles can enhance the look of the house.

Let’s find out:

Mix and Match

Are you ready to experiment with two products together? One unique way to use tiles is to coordinate them with wallpapers and create a design that would be different from the usual look. The flooring tiles and the wallpapers, while being chosen, should create a running pattern to make it look pleasing to the eye.

Pep Up the Staircase

Indoor or outdoor staircases can be made more funky and interesting by using tiles with patterns. Outdoor decking can have tiles with a rustic look that would give a feel of wilderness on the terrace gardens and geometrical patterns for indoors to add that extra dash of color and pop.

Create a Kitchen Backsplash 

Kitchens are places with maximum wear and tear where one has to withstand heat and spills. Creating an interesting backsplash on the wall behind the stove will redefine the cooking space. The backsplash tiles could be in a solid color or a few tones darker than the tiles on the wall or color-blocked to make a statement.

The Foyer

An impressive entry to the house is one of the most important aspects one needs to understand. A foyer, well-curated with patterned wall tiles, can give an opulent look by using varied designs.

The Spotlight Wall

Break the monotony of the bedroom or the living room by emphasizing designer tiles for walls that would transform it into a dynamic look. Textured wall tiles are the most extensively used tiles for the palatial feel.

Terrace Gardens 

Open living is what people crave amidst the chaos of metro lives. Limited spaces have made minds work towards creating gardens on the terraces for their rejuvenation. Outdoor vitrified tiles are best suited to make your personal space for relaxation. You could choose from wood like tiles or textured tiles to define your favourite corners. Outdoor ceramic planters add that extra oomph of wilderness and beauty to your space.

Redefining your Bathrooms 

The smallest space in the house is underestimated but is probably the most appropriate place to experiment with tiles. Bathroom tiles are the best suited for that quirky look you always wanted. Highlighting the shower area with the rest of the subtle look will give it that visual interest. Geometric prints, when placed in a certain formation, create a funky yet sophisticated pattern. Use natural shades to avoid an overwhelming look.

Alternate Carpet with Tiles 

With changing times and references, carpeting has been overshadowed by floor tiles for a more contemporary look. Tiling is more cost-effective and durable than woven fabrics in recent times. Stone or ceramic tiles are widely used for their look, endurance, and cost-effectiveness. They look crisper and sharper when laid down properly, thereby suiting the modern tastes more. Tiles that are easier to clean and maintain are a better alternative to enhance the look of your personal space.

We at Naveen Tile, provide professional help in making the right choices of tiles for your perfect dream house. Explore these options for a much-awaited makeover of your house. You can log onto for further assistance and get prompt solutions to all your queries.


Important Things to Consider while choosing Floor Tiles

Things to Consider while choosing Floor Tiles

Things to Consider while choosing Floor Tiles

Making a house of your dreams is a Herculean task that takes a lot of research and effort to build. A lot of thought goes into making the perfect choice for your house both the interiors and exteriors. With the market bombarded with a variety of floor tiles, wrong choices due to lack of guidance may land up your dream project in jeopardy. The choice of tiles has to be made keeping in mind the durability, performance, and aesthetics.

Let’s see the DO’s and DON’T’s while buying floor tiles

Interiors or the exteriors 

Every space to be tiles has a special feature that needs to be considered. Interior tiles will include the application in the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. and the exteriors will have the terraces, pavements, driveways, etc. The kitchen should be stain and scratch-resistant while the bathroom tiles should be and antibacterial. The antiskid feature is of utmost importance for safety purposes in the interiors of the house. The living room tiles need seamless finish for that chic look.


The second important step will be to measure the area correctly of the floor or the walls either with your own expertise or by seeking professional help. This would help you in making patterns or choosing colors apt for space. Different sizes of tiles are available and to make the decision of the size of the tile may vary with the area.

Balancing between the trendy and the traditional look

Sometimes we may get carried away with the latest trends dominating the market but be wary of not going overboard and try balance the look of the house. choosing color or patterns of the floor tiles and the wall tiles that may last for a long period of time without looking dated. Playing with contrast colors may be a good idea for certain areas like the living room or the study while introducing subtle color contrast in the washrooms for both the wall and the floor tiles will work wonders. Also, make sure to visualize the look while choosing the color and pattern to make sure the overall effect does not become overwhelming.

Right Grouting

One of the most important aspects of the tiling is to have the right grouting process. Grout is used to filling up the gaps between the tiles avoiding moisture or dirt seeping in the tiles that may result in pooping the tiles out. This gone wrong or overlooked can change the total appearance of the space. A seamless look or adding some definition are the two most popular ways of enhancing the look with grouting.

Lifestyle matters

Prepare a budget for the tiles you want to purchase and then venture out to see the options available. Many times stones or tiles that are most pleasing to the eyes come with their set of disadvantages. Besides making a dent in your pocket they may be high on maintenance and demand regular repair.

Giving installation adequate time 

Preparing the surface before installation is the key to a perfect look. The surface needs to be clean and leveled. An even surface is a prime requirement for any installation. Many options for installation are available in the market which includes flexible adhesives waterproof adhesives heat resistance etc. or Mortar (blend of water, cement, sand, and additives mixed into strong but sticky adhesive) either of these can be used as per choice and endurance levels required for space. Using the wrong adhesive will impact the longevity and durability of the tiles.

All these are the most commonly made mistakes that can be avoided by initial preparedness and constant checks. Work done without proper knowledge will leave flaws thereby causing unpleasant situations to be dealt with later.

We at Naveen Tiles provide professional help in making the right choices of tiles for your perfect dream house. You can log onto for further assistance and get prompt solutions to all your queries.


Tiling Tips for your Dream Kitchen

Kitchen Design Tips for your Dream Kitchen

Design Tips for your Dream Kitchen!

A kitchen is a place where we spend happy family moments. The aroma of good food cooked fills up our senses and satisfies our cravings. The secret ingredients to preparing a delicious meal besides “love” is the perfect calming ambiance of the kitchen. The décor of the kitchen plays a crucial role in making happy memories and finger smacking food. It is imperative to make a perfect choice of “tiles “used in the kitchen. A variety of tiles are available in the markets with different shapes and colors but making the right choice is the key to add that extra flavor to the beauty of the kitchen. While designing the kitchen a lot of research goes into the structural changes, cabinetry, and appliances. A budget is drawn to accommodate all the requirements of a kitchen therefore appropriating thought and money for tiles is important

Let us find out how to choose the tiles most appropriate for your kitchen

Identify the area to be tiled:

The first step will be to identify the area in question which will further help you to decide on the color and size of the kitchen tiles.  Tiles are used on the floor and the walls of the kitchen. Those behind the stove or beneath the upper cabinets are the “highlighters”. These backsplash tiles contrast with the rest of the tiles on the wall for instantly catching the eye.

Fix a budget:

There is a vast variety of tiles in the market that caters to different clients and their budgets Budgeted tiles to the luxury ones all are available according to your budget. Making a budget will help you save time and effort in exploring possibilities.

Know the material of the tile:

Amongst the ocean of the kind of tiles, one needs to be aware of the material they are made of. Man-made tiles that are the most economical are also the easiest to maintain. Plain or patterned in different colors and textures these can make a scheme you dream of. These are ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles, gloss tiles, matt tiles to name a few.

Stone tiles may not be as friendly in maintenance as the manmade but managing them with instructions may keep them looking as radiant and fresh. These include marble, limestone, travertine, slate, etc.,

Teaming up:

Play with colors and textures to give vibrant look to the walls. You can also team the wall tiles with wallpapers for an effective and unique look. The added advantage of this pairing is that the wallpaper can be changed easily to give a newer look after every short while.

If you choose geometrical designs make sure to use one bold and the other as a neutral pattern. Also, make sure that solid dark colors are not used extensively but are kept in minimal with neutral tones for giving a spacious look.

Turn the floor into a showstopper:

The large area available in the kitchen can increase the oomph factor of your kitchen, multi-folds. You can dramatize the look by using unusual patterns like color blocks on the floor tiles.  Accentuate the look by placing the tiles in a well-designed pattern.

Last but not the least tip is to know your Lifestyle before making your dream kitchen. How extensive is the cooking in your kitchen, who does the cooking at home are also important points that cannot be overlooked in making this decision. Durability and look are both crucial components in building the right kitchen.

For further consultation and overflowing ideas log on to and get a makeover for your kitchen.

Choose the Right Tiles for Exterior Elevation Design

Tiles for Exterior Elevation Design

Designing a house of your choice can be difficult; be it choosing the Tiles for Exterior Elevation Design, every little detail plays a crucial role. Just like one integrates a ton of effort in enhancing the interior details of their house, a lot of thinking is required to make a house more appealing from the outside to complement the modern and chic interiors. Before moving further, let’s start from scratch.

What are exterior elevation tiles?

As the name suggests, exterior elevation tiles are used for the exterior design of the house. With a wide range of such tiles, it is important to choose the right one, as it sets the ‘first image’ of your home.

The selection of exterior designer tiles usually depends on two things: the floor plan and the front elevation. On the basis of these two factors, you select and decide on the best, durable, and aesthetically appealing exterior elevation tiles for your house.

There is an array of designer tiles from which you can select and add a distinctive and modish appeal to the house. Ceramic and Vitrified tiles are the most common tiles used by people, given that they are considered as ‘all-rounder’ tiles. With increased durability, these tiles are also pocket-friendly. Many of the other designer tiles include Italian, porcelain, glass, cement tiles etc.

In the case of exterior elevation designer tiles, different sizes, patterns, and colours are available to enhance the exterior space of a house.

1. Natural Stone Wall Tiles – These are an all-time favourite of many. Installation of natural stone wall tiles will surely add a hint of royalty that never goes out of style. From earthy brown coloured tiles to the chicer grey and black ones, natural stone wall tiles come in various colours, giving many options to select from.

2. Wood Look Tiles – The wooden look tiles offer a classy look that will make your house stand out in the neighbourhood. Wooden tiles can be used for both exterior and interior designing of the house, providing complete synchronization. These tiles are available in ample colours, for example, dark walnut, shades of brown and grey, et cetera. Wood-look tiles help one attain a more natural look along with adding a dash of Zen.

3. Brick Look Tiles – These are some of the most popular and trendy exterior elevation designing tiles to be used in India. Brick look tiles add a rustic and warm texture to one’s house, making it an excellent choice for accent walls as well. From bright red to different shades of grey – coloured bricks, these types of designer tiles are available in plenty of colour options to enhance the exterior look of your house.

4. Random Pattern Tiles – These are considered to be one of the most creative and designer tiles. Random pattern tiles are the best choice to create an unexpected effect in your exterior house space. Apart from creating an eccentric look, one can choose his/her choice of tiles to create a unique pattern, by getting in touch with our team of professionals.

Other than these commonly used exterior designing tiles, there are many more less-known options to choose from. For example:

  •   Exterior ceramic tiles– as mentioned earlier, ceramic tiles are the most commonly used tiles that are not only classy but also scratch-free, durable, and appealing. Exterior ceramic wall tiles are available in many designs and colours, giving you an ocean of options to choose from.
  •   Italian Tiles– these budget-friendly tiles along with a huge range of designs and patterns are also a sight for the eyes, as they add an aesthetic hint of vogue to your house.

You spend a major part of your day in the house and it should nothing less than a sanctuary of calm and rejuvenation. Connect on and get in touch with our team to give your house the stylish makeover it deserves.