Cladding Tiles

Tiles offer us an ocean of diverse options that make our task of choosing the right one quite daunting. Floor tiles or wall tiles, interiors or exteriors, we are spoilt for options. The diverse choices include ceramic, vitrified, porcelain, glass, granite, wood and many others.

What are cladding tiles? 

Made up of ceramic or vitrified material, these tiles are used to increase durability, are weather-resistant, and easy to clean. These are applied to existing material in the interior or exterior walls, that protect it from weather changes, moisture, and dampness.

What are the different types of cladding?

Different materials can be used for cladding which includes brick tiles, stones, timber, vinyl, etc. However, tiles are most popularly used for the wide range that they offer, and are pocket-friendly as well as low on maintenance.

The exterior is the face of the house that has to be appealing and durable. With a lot of focus being laid on the outdoors of the house, cladding tiles are becoming increasingly popular to enhance the appearance of the house.

Porcelain Tiles are well suited for the exterior walls as they are fired at very high temperatures and can withstand extreme heat and cold. This helps them to retain their freshness for a long time as compared to other materials. Another similar option is Ceramic Tile. Ceramic tiles protect the walls from fungus and mould. Vitrified, anti-skid and matte finish tiles can be used on the outdoor floor to avoid slips and accidents.

Slate Tiles are yet another suitable choice for cladding the exteriors since they are stain-resistant and non-porous. Made up of hard rocks, these have a striking resemblance to stone tiles and are available in unique colours and textures. They have been used for interior and exterior wall cladding as they are aesthetically appealing and strong enough for any weather.

Suitable for both interiors and exteriors:

The outdoor cladding has gained momentum and been the focus of many homeowners who are looking for simple yet trendy solutions. Cladding tiles made with antibacterial glazing are perfect for taking the look of the house a notch higher. The light-weighted tiles with grooves can bond well with the existing material and retain its quality for decades.

The walls of the interiors – kitchen, bathroom, or living room – spaces can speak your personality with the use of cladding tiles. Ceramic tiles make a significant contribution to the final look of the inner space of your house when placed horizontally or vertically, giving a new dimension to the look of the wall. Stone tiles in rustic matt hues can also be considered for an alternate traditional look.

A relatively inexpensive trend, the use of cladding is used most frequently and is crafted to fit all budgets and sensibilities of a large population.

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3D Floor Tiles to Transform your Space

Three-dimensional tiles, a new revolution in the ocean of tiles that can revamp a dull space into an extraordinary one. These types of tiles bring a new dimension to space and add a spunk that could entertain adults or children alike. Available in a huge variety of patterns, colours, and designs; 3D tiles are a perfect choice for people wanting to explore and go beyond the traditional. Used in both commercial and residential spaces, these tiles are the latest trend for completely transforming a space. Easy to install and maintain, these tiles create a unique design that reflects your taste.

Different looks can be added to different spaces for creating a contemporary modern look.

Indoors and outdoors:

The terraces/open spaces can be transformed into landscapes by using tiles reflecting rustic designs. Designs are available to give a no-fuss spacious look. Calm and serene, these tiles could give you the ambience you always desired for a quiet and quality time in your house.

Designs and patterns:

Many designs like the white diamond shapes and leafy patterns can be used as floor tiles for your bedroom to give a luxurious feel. These tiles add depth and space to the environment. Also, tiles with wooden tones and matt finish are other options for that comforting look in the bedroom.

Spaces of the house:     

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the house and can have a bold impact with 3D floor tiles. Using print or solid shades in two colours could give you a dynamic impact in the kitchen. These could also be used as a backsplash for highlighting the cooking space on the wall.

Using 3D floor tiles in the bathroom can prove to be most entertaining. With a variety of themes and patterns available for that aqua look, bathrooms can become the ultimate luxury room of your house.

What are 3D tiles made of?

These tiles are made of glass, porcelain, or ceramic material with digital designs imprinted on the tile surface. These tiles are scratch-resistant, easy to maintain and do not absorb moisture. They can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth to get that sparkling look again.

How cost-effective are 3D tiles?

The prices are at par or slightly higher than the porcelain tiles and therefore are very affordable. These tiles come with additional and unique properties with their and can be used in a lot of spaces in your house. The tiles also come in various sizes that can be chosen in accordance with the area to be tiled.

3D tiles are being used extensively in recent times for their exotic and modern look. The multiple layers and the angled designs can transform any space. Indoor or outdoor, 3D floor tiles are available in a large variety to match your taste and aesthetic sensibilities.

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Pet-Friendly Floor Tiles

Modern-day construction or renovation is incomplete without the usage of tiles. Floors or walls, interiors or exteriors, bathrooms or living rooms, every space in the house can be enhanced with tiles. Available in varied shapes and sizes, colours, and patterns, vintage and modern, tiles can suit the sensibilities of a large population. Choosing the right tile can be a daunting task for many, especially when you have to cater to many inhabitants of the house including pets. Pets become a part of your family and have to be dealt with great care. These furry friends; however, can be heavy on your tiles leaving scratches, dirt and stains on your floors. Finding the appropriate tiles is extremely important for preventing damage that can be caused by your pets.

Our tips would help you choose the right tiles that are high on style and will prevent or minimize wear and tear caused by your pets. The tiles you opt for should be:

  • Stain and Scratch resistant
  • Waterproof /non-porous
  • Allows for good traction
  • Comfortable for pets

Waterproof vinyl:

This type of flooring is an inexpensive option that is scratch and stain resistant, easy to clean and maintain. These tiles help deal with non-attractive traits of your pets like sharp nails, shedding hair, and dirty paws that are predators to your attractive floor tiles. This is considered the most durable and adds to the luxury statement to your space. The spills and the accidents caused by your energetic friendly inhabitants can be easily cleaned with one wipe leaving the floor looking perfect.

Cork tiles:

These tiles are equipped with dealing with all the mold or allergies that are passed on by your pets in the house. These are considered the friendliest for pets because of the warmth they give out. These are not waterproof so it becomes imperative to wipe off the spill or stains immediately to prevent long-lasting damage.

Stone tiles:

Natural stones blend well with the aesthetics of the house adding a modern, traditional or rustic look. The natural texture makes them slip-resistant making it easy for pets to walk and play. The choices available also fit into various design themes that can take the interiors a notch above. This is a prudent choice for pet owners owing to its immunity to constant scratches and spills.

Tile flooring:

Tiles are available in abundance to keep everyone inhabiting the space happy with its endless variety in textures colours, and designs. The ocean of floor tiles leaves you confused as to what is the best suitable option for pets. Ceramic or porcelain are good choices for home flooring as they can be easily cleaned and are very durable. These types of tiles cater to making the space appealing and also are a prudent choice for pet lovers. Rugs are recommended for this flooring especially for giving warmth to your pets in the winter season.


Looking for variety in texture and appearance? Laminates can offer a wide range of swanky looks. The thick wear layer makes it last longer and prevents damage from heavy floor traffic. Smooth laminates can be slippery for the pets, therefore opt for a slightly rough look for good traction.

Tiles, Ceramic or porcelain, remain one of the best options for your furry pets. These easy-to-maintain tiles can withstand pet catastrophes and keep the space looking radiant and crisp. It can deal with the non-friendly traits of your pets like sharp nails, shedding hair, and dirty paws. Just one wipe on these tiles and the floor is back to looking classy and clean.

Apart from the evergreen “tiles”, we have other option in the form of Waterproof vinyl. This type of flooring is scratch and stain resistant, easy to clean and maintain. The spills and accidents caused by your energetic furry companions can be easily cleaned with one wipe, leaving the floor perfectly clean.

All these tips will make it easier for you to make the right choices for your flooring keeping in mind the well-being of people residing in them including the furry pets.

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Tile Laying Patterns

Tile laying can be an extraordinary way to give a character to the walls or floors of your house. Picking the right tiles is step one, which has to be followed by choosing the pattern in which it should be laid to give that super crisp look. Tiles that come in different colours and designs if strategically placed can elevate the ambience and give a luxurious look.

In the current scenario, the installation of tiles is considered the most economical, durable, and fuss-free way of enhancing or renovating spaces. Residential or commercial tile is an integral part of any construction. However, laying them in various patterns can be the most effective way of bringing a designer twist to your space.

Here we look at different patterns and ways in which tiles can be laid.

The Stacked Look:

Stacked or the straight lay pattern is the easiest to do, where the tiles are laid side to side and give a stacked simple look. This pattern is used for a neutral look, that does not cause distraction from other focal areas in the space. Adding colours to this pattern can be effective in creating a stunning checkboard look.

Bonding the Bricks:

The two ways of bonding tiles are horizontal and vertical. In the horizontal placement, a subway-style can be created with a metropolitan look. The size of the tile is an important ingredient in this look. A rectangular tile, with the width half as much as the length, is most appropriate for this pattern.

The vertical band is perfect for adding height to spaces in the bathroom or the kitchen and emphasizing that portion. Floor tiles or wall tiles in bold colours when placed in this pattern, will add an extra dash of boldness to the area.


Gaining popularity by the day the Herringbone pattern creates a “V” effect that is free-flowing and gives the look of added space. Also known as the broken twill weave, this style can be enhanced by using different shades of the same colour for a jazzed-up look, or a single colour for the traditional sophisticated illustrious look. Rectangular Tiles are placed in a zig-zag style and are best for popping the kitchen backsplashes and floors.


Used popularly in the vintage design style, this six-edged pattern can create a honeycomb effect that catches your eye. This graphic feature when randomly put together in a variety of colours can give a dramatic finish. It can create an instant style statement by highlighting a backdrop and breathes life into a plain wall. Creating a feature wall is so easy with this laying pattern that is not only durable but also aesthetically appealing.

Hopscotch Pattern:

As suggested by the name, this pattern is created by using different sized ceramic tiles that are put together, thus creating an appealing pattern to the walls or the floor. Rectangular tiles can be paired with square tiles creating a design spin wheel effect. Simple tiles can be arranged in a way that produces a different effect. To add interest to your design, one can choose different sizes of ceramic tiles which when put together will give the effect of smaller tiles jumping off the larger ones.

The Basketweave:

A unique pattern that can create an edge and transform a boring look to woo-worthy. The pattern resembling a woven basket can be laid in multiple styles, creating high-impact walls that are easy to install. In a double basketweave, pairs of vertical tiles are framed with pairs of horizontal tiles which gives a modern take to the traditional single weave style.

Play around with these patterns using ceramic tiles, stone tiles, or porcelain tiles for highlighting vintage silhouettes and giving an unexpected edge to the desired area.

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Achieve a Monochromatic Look with Just Tiles

Usage of tiles has become an integral part of modern-day construction. In residential or commercial spaces, tiles can deliver both contemporary and classic designs. Various colors, patterns, and designs have bombarded the market that caters to the taste of millions of people with different requirements. When we think of timeless elegance and luxurious looks, we come across various patterns that can be created with these tiles.

The overwhelming availability of patterns available can leave us confused and stuck at various places.

Let us talk about one such look that eludes energy and composure, keeping all the chaos at bay. “The Monochromatic look “that can be created with various types of tiles is a fun way of expressing your love for single or vivid colors.

What is a monochromatic look?

Putting together solid shades on a single base to give a clean, bold look is what we call a “Monochromatic Look.” The color palette creates a flow and design which is aesthetically appealing to the eyes, making a statement.

How can we create such a look?

Monochrome designs are not just about blacks and whites. It can be established, by putting color coordination in such a way that they create an impact.

The sombre grey and white:

This timeless combination that can be used on both the wall tiles and the floor tiles creates a soothing effect and a neutral backdrop. This simple yet classic combination can be used both in the kitchen and the bathroom spaces and works best for people looking for a calming and non-dramatic look.

Dramatic blue:

Deeply saturated shades of blues are yet another way to create an energizing look that never fails. Wide hues of blues can be paired with many colors and harmonized with many styles and patterns. Adding colors like Fuschia will pep up the ambiance which when accessorized with furniture, will make the look a notch above.

Timeless gold and black:

Unlike The popular notion, the usage of dark tiles makes the space look small, the combination of soft gold and black can create an intimate space. The bronze shade with the black-out feel is bold and fearless and can make any space look alluring and timeless.

The chirpy pink and cream:

Delicate pink can make your heart flutter when used with the everlasting cream. The two colors are put together to create a dreamy look and are undeniably elegant. Wooden pieces in the room, if paired with this combination are perfect for a European feel to the house.

Laying out a tile in different styles is also a unique way of creating unexpected textures and patterns that can be magical. Tiles made with more than one color and pattern are an easy way to reduce the stress of going wrong with your choices.

Place them, horizontal, vertical, as a grid, diamond checkers, chevron, random and many more.

All these tips will help you transform your dull and boring into wow-worthy spaces. Use these ideas in selecting your floor tiles, wall tiles, indoors or outdoors for that chic ambiance and fresh statement.

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Advantages of Using Spacer or Grout

Advantages of Using Spacer or Grout

What is a Spacer?

Spacers are made of plastic wood or ceramic. These are materials of different sizes placed between tiles at an equal distance for a consistent and clean look. Spacers are an essential ingredient for tile installation. It allows for even flooring while ensuring appropriate grouting. The usage of spacers was ignored earlier but nowadays has gained momentum for its various advantages.

What is grout?

Grout is a mixture of cement, water, and sand. Its usage is mainly in concealing joints and filling voids in between tiles. They increase the strength and keep debris and dirt at bay.

Why are spacers and Grouts essential?

Aesthetically appealing:

A crisp finished appearance is what an appropriately chosen grout can offer. Inefficient grout will deteriorate the look of the space and become an eyesore. Spacers have a similar use as they make the tiles look more uniform and give them a neater look. Wear and tear over the years may demand you for some to do some regrouting, which would create a cleaner and fresh look.

Damage Control:

Heat upon reaching a specific temperature tends to expand the tiles. Therefore, laying them next to each other will cause damage and cracking. These tile spacers and grouts work wonders in these conditions as they create room for such expansions, thereby controlling damage. The size of the grouts and the spacer would depend on the size of the tile and the space that is available for installing it. The larger the tile, the larger spacer shall be. The grouts provide rigidity and strength to the tiles and are very useful in seepage control, backfill, and water plugging. They reduce structural damage as it does not induce vibrations.

Easy Repair:

Repairing tiles is a difficult task that requires expertise and precision. Repair work may sometimes damage the adjoining tiles and jeopardize the appearance if these spacers and grouts are not applied. They give enough space to remove the damaged tile and replace it with a new one saving effort and money.

Concealing Flaws:

The market is full of a variety of floor and wall tiles that are available for consumption. These come in different shapes, designs, textures, and finishes. The price range is also enormous that suits the pockets of millions of users. While fitting the budget, one may land up with a certain amount of adulations in the tiles. These can be concealed and adjusted with the application of spacers and grouts, which will give uniformity to the look of the space.

Overviewing the Project:

A projection of your project in the initial phase makes it simpler to visualize the final product. These spacers and grouts work as versatile equipment to give an outline of the project when dry laid. The layout of the tiles that are being made use of can be understood accordingly. The grouts are available in different colors, and the initial laying of the tiles will give a clear picture of the look of the project.

Saving Time: 

Tiling is a tedious and time-consuming job that requires constant adjustments of tiles for a refined look. These spacers, which come in different shapes, and sizes work like magic for a uniform placement of the floor or wall tiles. Grouts also come in limited varieties and have to be chosen following the tiles. The right choices will eventually speed up the work, and the deliverables will be satisfactory.

These tips will be of extreme help in developing or reconstructing your dream project. You dream of your project, and we have all the solutions to make it the most memorable one.

We at Naveen Tile provide professional help in making the right choices for your perfect project. Explore these options for a much-awaited makeover of your house. You can log onto for further assistance and get prompt solutions to all your queries.