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How to give your Home a Woody Aesthetic with our Tiles

Woody aesthetic gives a very elite vibe, one that gives you the royal feel. Woody texture in a home may not be as elegant, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating the wooden aesthetics you desire. Wooden wall tiles offer...

Granite Counter Tops for your Kitchen

Granite is a coarse-grained, light-colored igneous rock. This natural stone is mostly quartz and feldspar, with some amphibole minerals and mica thrown in for good measure. It has visible grains and is tougher than marble. This natural stone is simply...

All About Mosaic

Ancient mosaic art originating in Mesopotamia is believed to date back thousands of years. The term mosaic essentially means a design that’s comprised of many smaller pieces of tile. They can come in a variety of patterns and colors, which...

How to Design Your Home in Monochromatic Style with Tiles

Monochromatic, means containing or using only one colour. Monochromatic or monochrome is the new hype these days. Gen Z to Millennials, all are majorly interested in a single colour house interiors these days. The trend for monochromatic homes was started...

Best Tiles for Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen has to be the most used space in the house. Kitchen countertops usually sets the basic tone for the entire space and these days, you can experiment a lot with them. For style-savvy homeowners, tile kitchen countertops offer the...

How to Design Living Room as a Lively Space

Living room is the house is the space where people don’t spend as much time and yet is the liveliest space of the house. Living room has to be the space of the house that speaks comfort and class in...