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Everything you need to know about bathroom tiles

One room in your house where you spend time every day is the bathroom. You want to design a comfortable environment that you will use as you begin your day or prepare for bed. A key component of bathroom design is selecting the ideal bathroom tiles. You could feel overwhelmed by the procedure and quickly mired in options and research. Consider these crucial suggestions to build the bathroom of your dreams by selecting the ideal bathroom tile.

There are probably more colours and bathroom tile designs than we can count. Have a picture of how you want your project to turn out. No specific tiling knowledge is required, but choosing a colour scheme is a fantastic place to start. Look for inspiration if you need clarification on the colours you want to use in your bathroom tile flooring. You can combine your favourite looks and choose the hues that best suit your intended appearance.

You may find different types of tile that you love and wish to incorporate into your space. Understand that using too wide varieties of bathroom tile flooring can make your bathroom look cluttered and busy. In smaller areas, this is especially true, as the different colours and styles compete for attention. A good rule of thumb is limiting yourself to three types of tiles. You can incorporate multiple types of bathroom tiles and still create a cohesive look. On the other hand, using only one kind of tile can make your bathroom feel dull or monotonous.

In bathrooms, the floor and walls are typically tiled. Tiled countertops are becoming more popular in contemporary bathrooms. With the option of partial or complete tiling for the bathroom walls, the flooring is typically entirely tiled. You can opt to put tiles up to 7 feet long or an entire wall, depending on the shower area. The sort of tiles you choose to utilize is the only variation you may have with wall tiles. For bathroom walls, non-vitrified ceramic tiles are a common choice. But vitrified tiles provide some incredible and distinctive design alternatives.

It is important to remember that you will have to clean whatever bathroom tile you select. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are recommended for wet areas because they are easier to maintain. Stone tiles are harder to clean and are better used in a part of your bathroom that doesn’t see as much water. Remember that grout factors into cleaning and maintenance as well. Smaller tiles require more grout lines, which means more grout cleaning. Tiles with more texture or ones incorporating more grout may help prevent slipping though.

Non-vitrified Ceramic tiles are the most popular option for bathroom wall applications. These tiles are ideally suited for adorning the walls of your bathroom because of the enormous variety of designs and colour combinations available. Digitally coordinated tiles from this category can decorate your bathroom wall with a distinctive pattern, scene, or colour scheme.

Glazed Vitrified or GVT tiles have a strong structure, and after covering the micropores, the surface is polished. As a result, the tiles are nearly non-absorbing and work well in moist environments like bathrooms. GVT tiles are available with a range of surface finishes. Some of these tiles’ most popular surface finishes include high gloss, sugar matt, and matt finish.

How do you want to feel every time you step foot in your bathroom? The tile you choose for this room significantly impacts the overall look and feel. Natural stone tile provides a rustic look with a unique charm. If you prefer a spa-like feel to your bathroom, glass tile flooring in cool colours may be your answer. For a modern and minimalist style, subway tiles and neutral colours are always popular.

Naveen Tile can help you select the perfect bathroom tile. The experts of our Store understand how vital tiles are to the overall design of your bathroom. We offer a variety of bathroom tiles in a wide range of styles, colours, textures, and sizes. An experienced designer can walk you through the tile selection process and ensure your bathroom is exactly how you pictured it.

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