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How to Maintain your Floor Tile?

How to Maintain your Floor Tile?

Tiles exhibit your style and aesthetics in your dream project, whether it is your house or workplace. Quirky or sophisticated, glossy or matte, somber or colorful, they add a distinct characteristic to the building. They are an integral part of a large population now, owing to their low maintenance and easy to clean property.

The varied ocean of tiles used practically everywhere in the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom, the foyer, the living room, and even the bedroom, among other places, require your caring hand to remain spotless and bright. While most of these tiles are incredibly durable, they need special ways to clean them.

Dirt can accumulate due to daily exposure to human traffic.

Heat and moisture in the kitchen can take away the shine from the kitchen tiles leaving them dull and faded.

If stains are not wept off, they can cause permanent damage by making the tiles look worn out and tired.

Improper grouting accumulates dirt and absorbs spills easily.

Soap or detergent residue leads to discoloring of the bathroom tiles.

Hang in there to find out the techniques to clean these tiles. According to their type, choose the right cleanser:

  • Floor tiles or wall tiles, the cleanser to be used are to be in sync with their type, Ceramic or porcelain tiles can be cleaned deeply using a degreaser and a wet cloth. Brushing or sponging with a mixture of warm water and cleaning agent like caustic soda can get the sparkle back to the tiles. Avoid using abrasive products that can take away the shine and make them look worn out. Natural cleansers are preferred for tiles made of stone as the chemical-based cleaning agents can deter their look by damaging their surface.
  • To prolong the life and quality of your tiles, avoid using acidic cleaners as they can ruin the shine and the surface of the tiles.

Take utmost care of the grouting:

Well grouted floors give the flawless look that we desire. Grouts are porous and easily absorb dirt and moisture. Therefore, cleaning them can be a daunting task. Grouts should be sealed after the tiles are installed, which works as a protective shield keeping the dirt at bay. Brushing them with soft bristle brushes using natural cleansers like baking soda and water can make them look crisp and defined.

Repairing tiles:

Years of wear and tear can distract the gleam of the tiles placed anywhere in the interiors or the exteriors. Accumulation of dirt particles for a long period of time requires attention as this would dull the pristine look of the space. Scratches are a common cause of concern when It comes to repairing floor tiles. This problem can be addressed by buffing it or using scratch repair kits. If there are hairline cracks in tiles, they can be filled with brass or polish. But if the cracks are big, the tiles need to be replaced.

Alternative therapy:

Adding carpets to the floor in small shapes and sizes can bring out the fun factor of the ambiance. Carpets conceal the area and make it less prone to damage .strategic placements of the carpets can work wonders in restoring the look of the tiles. These can be vacuum cleaned regularly to maintain hygiene.

Deep-rooted cleaning:  

Constant care of the tiles is a must for retaining their glory. Deep cleaning done weekly will withstand the test of times and keep the spaces happy and vibrant. Firstly sweep the floor with a soft broom to remove the dirt. Following that, vacuum it to remove the finer dust particles. Wet moping should be followed by drying the areas to keep the moisture away. A solution of vinegar and warm water is a natural cleanser that is not too harsh on the tiles. Stains should be wiped off immediately to not allow the gestation of germs on the surface.

These tips may come in handy and will be of help to you for keeping your spaces happy and clean.

We at Naveen Tile provide professional help in maintaining and cleaning your tiles for that radiant and clean look of your space. Explore these options for giving that crisp look to your project. You can log onto www.naveentile.com for further assistance and get prompt solutions to all your queries.