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Important Things to Consider while choosing Floor Tiles

Things to Consider while choosing Floor Tiles

Making a house of your dreams is a Herculean task that takes a lot of research and effort to build. A lot of thought goes into making the perfect choice for your house both the interiors and exteriors. With the market bombarded with a variety of floor tiles, wrong choices due to lack of guidance may land up your dream project in jeopardy. The choice of tiles has to be made keeping in mind the durability, performance, and aesthetics.

Let’s see the DO’s and DON’T’s while buying floor tiles

Interiors or the exteriors 

Every space to be tiles has a special feature that needs to be considered. Interior tiles will include the application in the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. and the exteriors will have the terraces, pavements, driveways, etc. The kitchen should be stain and scratch-resistant while the bathroom tiles should be and antibacterial. The antiskid feature is of utmost importance for safety purposes in the interiors of the house. The living room tiles need seamless finish for that chic look.


The second important step will be to measure the area correctly of the floor or the walls either with your own expertise or by seeking professional help. This would help you in making patterns or choosing colors apt for space. Different sizes of tiles are available and to make the decision of the size of the tile may vary with the area.

Balancing between the trendy and the traditional look

Sometimes we may get carried away with the latest trends dominating the market but be wary of not going overboard and try balance the look of the house. choosing color or patterns of the floor tiles and the wall tiles that may last for a long period of time without looking dated. Playing with contrast colors may be a good idea for certain areas like the living room or the study while introducing subtle color contrast in the washrooms for both the wall and the floor tiles will work wonders. Also, make sure to visualize the look while choosing the color and pattern to make sure the overall effect does not become overwhelming.

Right Grouting

One of the most important aspects of the tiling is to have the right grouting process. Grout is used to filling up the gaps between the tiles avoiding moisture or dirt seeping in the tiles that may result in pooping the tiles out. This gone wrong or overlooked can change the total appearance of the space. A seamless look or adding some definition are the two most popular ways of enhancing the look with grouting.

Lifestyle matters

Prepare a budget for the tiles you want to purchase and then venture out to see the options available. Many times stones or tiles that are most pleasing to the eyes come with their set of disadvantages. Besides making a dent in your pocket they may be high on maintenance and demand regular repair.

Giving installation adequate time 

Preparing the surface before installation is the key to a perfect look. The surface needs to be clean and leveled. An even surface is a prime requirement for any installation. Many options for installation are available in the market which includes flexible adhesives waterproof adhesives heat resistance etc. or Mortar (blend of water, cement, sand, and additives mixed into strong but sticky adhesive) either of these can be used as per choice and endurance levels required for space. Using the wrong adhesive will impact the longevity and durability of the tiles.

All these are the most commonly made mistakes that can be avoided by initial preparedness and constant checks. Work done without proper knowledge will leave flaws thereby causing unpleasant situations to be dealt with later.

We at Naveen Tiles provide professional help in making the right choices of tiles for your perfect dream house. You can log onto  www.naveentiles.com for further assistance and get prompt solutions to all your queries.