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How to keep your Tiles as good as New

Extensively used and incorporated, tiles have become a way of living for every household. Interiors or exteriors, a new look is created with the vast variety of tiles. Tiles are made with natural particles these are easy to maintain and low on cost. Tiles, though incredibly durable, become dull and lifeless and lose their shine if not maintained from time to time. Cleaning them with smart and simple techniques is the best way to keep them alive and dazzling.

Regular mopping and sweeping may not be enough to keep the dirt, moisture, and stains at bay, and using some smart easy tricks can bring back the lost lustre of tiles.

Cleaning the dirt with a soft bristle broom or vacuum regularly before moping the floor. Ceramic tiles can be cleaned by adding a mild cleanser to warm water. The tiles can be cleaned with a plastic or fibre mop. Harsh cleaners can be damaging and make the tiles look dull therefore using neutral chemicals are the best option for cleaning floor and wall tiles.

Clean the spills!

Spills on the tiles should be cleaned immediately to avoid moisture or dirt seeping into the tiles. These stains if not removed may build up over time and ruin the look . Mild chemicals are recommended for stubborn stains while the easier ones can be removed with warm water mixed with lemon juice or vinegar and a puffy mop. Make sure to use a non-abrasive product to avoid any scratches on the tiles.

Cleaning the Grouts!

Grouts require special attention in the maintenance process of tiles. Accumulated dirt and dust in the porous grouts can be cleaned by commercial liquids prepared for grout cleaning or simply with baking soda and vinegar solution. Apply this to the tiles and let it rest for a while. Clean the same with warm water and wipe it dry. Using any metallic brush will cause scratches therefore cotton or nylon brushes are most appropriate. A silicon-based grout sealer can be used for all dirt and soil resistance.

Adding Doormats and Rugs!

Using Doormats and Rugs is a quick way to not let dirt and grit enter the house with our footwear. The dirt will settle on these and not get comfortable on the tiles. Regularly washing the rugs and doormats are also essential for maintenance.

Upgrade the look of your tiles and make them look new with the above cleaning tips. These tips are sure to address your constant worries on how to keep your tiles looking fresh and new. Prompt cleaning to remove dirt and spillage is imperative for all types of tiles. Tiles last for years and deep cleaning them at least once a month is the first step one should take to avoid stripping their glaze and sheen.

At Naveen Tile we provide professional help in making the right choices for your dream project. Explore these cleaning ideas for keeping your tiles as good as new and constantly dazzle your space. You can log onto www.naveentile.com for further assistance and get prompt solutions to all your queries.